Exclusive Video: Mara Pometti, McKinsey, on AI Strategy

Mara Pometti, Associate Director, AI Strategy at McKinsey & Company, speaks at Tech LIVE Virtual on the steps to take when building AI strategies

Speaking exclusively at Tech LIVE Virtual, Associate Director, AI Strategy at McKinsey & Company Mara Pometti spoke about the steps needed to bring human-centered AI governance from principles to practice.

AI Strategy

A data-savvy strategist at the intersection of Al, data journalism, and design, Mara Pometti works with organisations to develop enterprise-wide Al strategies by uncovering business opportunities hidden in data.

“Organisations, today more than ever, need data journalists. By that I mean experts that can really understand data to open up models to inspection and really create a layer of explainability and transparency because they have the means and the knowledge to challenge algorithms, and to challenge their outcomes. 

“I always say - and that's a message that I included in my recent book Artificial Humans - that AI is changing the perceptions of how we interact with the world. The products and services in which AI is embedded, and the organisations that are deploying AI in these products and services and solutions, are responsible for how humans interact with AI today, and they are our medium to create a better relationship and interaction between humans and AI systems.

“For this reason, business organisations play a key role today and in how we can create and embed a better, human centered approach into AI practices by building a new generation of experts that I named in my book data savvy humanists.

“They will be the one to keep algorithms in check because we have the stronger technical knowledge of how AI systems are built, and how they work, but also that the journalistic instinct to really pose the right questions, formulate the right hypotheses, to always keep alignment between humans’ intents, organisations’ intents and AI outcomes.”

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