Exclusive Video: Nayur Khan, QuantumBlack, on Ethical AI

Nayur Khan, Partner at QuantumBlack, speaks at Tech LIVE Virtual about some of the ethical concerns around AI, from bias and transparency to accountability

The development of AI has transformed the way we work and live, but the rising use of the technology brings with it ethical challenges. As AI technology continues to evolve, there is a growing need to ensure that it is developed and used in an ethical and responsible manner. 

In this fireside chat, Nayur Khan, Partner at QuantumBlack - McKinsey & Company’s AI consultancy, discusses some of the ethical considerations surrounding AI, including issues of bias, transparency, and accountability. We discuss how organisations should safeguard against unethical AI practices, and how they should establish principles of fairness, transparency and confidentiality.

Ethical AI

In a fireside chat at this year’s Tech LIVE Virtual London, Nayur Khan discussed a range of topics around ethical AI: from the biggest ethical challenges around AI and how they should be managed to the need for diversity when it comes to building AI.

“There is a lack of diversity in tech generally,” he said. “22% of tech roles across Europe are women. In the US, less than 5% of software developers are black. There's a problem there. 

“And so what I'm always talking about is that, yes, we can do advanced maths and yes, we can create these new checks and guardrails. However, there is a lack of diversity. So if you're building AI, the first question I'd ask is, are you building something that's going to impact people's lives?

“Do you have a team in place that is representative of the AI that you're building that's going to be used by individuals? 

“Generally, we talk about this a lot. There is a lot of diverse talent out there and that has benefits from an economic point of view, but from an AI point of view what makes it even more important is that you're bringing those different perspectives into the discussion.”

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