Exclusive Video: Richard Meeus - Taming the Ransomware Storm

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Richard Meeus, Director of Security Technology and Strategy EMEA at Akamai Technologies, speaks at Tech LIVE Virtual on Taming the Ransomware Storm

Ransomware continues to plague organisations across all industries, public and private sector. That’s why payment amounts and downtime are at an all-time high. With Ransomware, the challenge is less about prevention and more about having a stronger security solution at each point of the ransomware kill chain. This session at Tech LIVE Virtual, with Akamai Technologies’ Director of Security Technology and Strategy EMEA Richard Meeus, provides five steps to tame the ransomware storm and ensure that your organisation doesn’t suffer from this cyber endemic.

Taming the Ransomware Storm

As Meeus describes, the estimated value of cybercrime in the world is predicted to be as high as US$10.5tn in 2025, as declared by Albania Prime Minister Adi Rama at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos back in January. 

“That makes it the third largest economy in the world after the USA and China,” he comments. “For defenders, this shows us the scale of the challenge that we're up against, and for attackers it is their greatest incentive.”

Quoting the ‘great philosopher’ Rocky Balboa, Meeus describes that for defenders: ‘It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit’.

“We know we're going to get hit as defenders. We know we're going to get hit a lot by various types of attacks and they're going to keep on pounding us. But the important bit about this quote is the last bit, which is to keep moving forward. Otherwise, we're just going to be taking more and more punches and not responding and growing.”

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