Exclusive Video: The AI Revolution Forum

Tech LIVE Virtual’s AI Revolution Forum: Microsoft’s Alejandra Leon Moreno, Alec Boere from Infosys Consulting and CI&T’s Ross Sleight on the future of AI

AI has seen a rapid explosion in recent months, with research suggesting generative AI and other rapidly evolving technologies will usher in a bold new future for businesses.

In this exclusive interview, Tech LIVE Virtual hears from three experts in the field of AI, discussing ethical concerns around AI models - the importance of privacy and security - and the need to strike a balance between AI innovation and managing disruption.

The AI Revolution Forum

In this interview, Microsoft’s Alejandra Leon Moreno, Alec Boere from Infosys Consulting and CI&T’s Ross Sleight discuss the AI Revolution - from ethical concerns to data transparency.

As Boere describes, with large language models now very much in the mainstream, much of the discussion is around awareness.

“People are seeing this technology playing out in the various different aspects in terms of their days. It's not something you can hold back. It's going to happen. 

“It's another tool in terms of actually changing the way that we work, and it’s creating opportunities as well as also allowing economies to grow.

“But I think really that awareness is what is is going to be the challenge over the coming months and years, and that is something we've got to achieve. It’s going to be about making sure we people are fully aware of how we are deploying these models, and how we can explain what they’re doing.”

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