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Ian Wood, UK Head of Technology at Veritas, and Steve Bradford, Senior Vice President EMEA at SailPoint discuss the need for cybersecurity in the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised how we interact with technology by seamlessly connecting people, devices, and data. However, with increased interconnectedness comes a greater risk to cybersecurity, making IoT devices a prime target for cybercriminals. 

In this panel discussion at Tech LIVE Virtual, Ian Wood, UK Head of Technology at Veritas, and Steve Bradford, Senior Vice President EMEA at SailPoint, examine the risks and dangers of IoT, and highlight strategies to mitigate potential threats.

The Cybersecurity & IoT Forum

As Wood describes, the number of Iot devices globally is growing exponentially. “It’s been projected that this year there will be around 14.4 billion connected devices, and that's a growth of 18% from last year. The prediction is that it is due to double by the year 2025 to about 27 billion connected devices. And so the attack surface for any cybercriminal is pretty large, not only the number of devices, but the open doors and windows those devices can present.”

“I think convergence is absolutely key to this,” Bradford explains. “We all think of our Iot devices as being tremendously loyal. They're not like an employee who is going to get disgruntled and try and do something terrible to you. They're going to try and swindle you out of money. But the reality is they have become much more intelligent devices, and have become much more connected into IT systems. Ultimately, you're opening up many more avenues for attack. 

“Anything that is smart - whether it be a human being, whether it be a bolt, whether it be a machine, whether it be the watch on your wrist - if it's connected, you have to treat it as an identity. So from a SailPoint point of view, it's really about making sure that you have the same disciplines in managing and governing identities for any of those connected devices. And really that's the basis under which we approach this.”

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