Exclusive Video: The need for collaborative approach to RPA

Alexandra Montgomery, VP of IT, Digital & Innovation at Sodexo, speaks at Tech LIVE Virtual on the need for a collaborative approach to automation

In this session at Tech LIVE Virtual, Alexandra Montgomery, Vice-President of IT, Digital & Innovation at Sodexo, shares how the organisation is using robotic automation to reduce redundant and admin tasks, resulting in higher employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Collaborative Approach to Automation

As Montgomery explains, a collaborative approach to RPA is based around humans and bots working together.

“For bots and employees to really achieve a more efficient and effective automation process, they have to work hand in hand," she explains.

“It's really about collaboration and cooperation between bots and humans, and leveraging the strengths of each. We never want to replace our employees or our colleagues, but instead we want to aim to leverage the strengths from the bot or maybe the knowledge from how that role was previously done, and then really reimagine what that looks like for the future.

“We've been fortunate that our colleagues have welcomed this change because they see the value in upskilling their capabilities. They're performing more meaningful work. And I think it's really important in order for RPA to be successful in an organisation that you really dig deep within your teams and see what they do on a daily basis that has maybe always been done just because they were told to do it. 

“But by having those conversations and allowing employees’ voices to be heard, you can bring both to the process automation through RPA and then the skill set of your employees together to really improve and enhance that digital transformation within your organisation.”

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