Fraport AG is digitally transforming airport operations

Fraport AG’s CIO, Dr. Wolfgang Standhaft, discusses pandemic response & how the industry is leveraging digital transformation to manage airport operations

Fraport AG is responsible for airport operations management on a technical level and Dr. Wolfgang Standhaft, CIO of Fraport AG, spoke about the recovery of aviation as it sees an increasing number of passengers across its airports. With fewer restrictions on travel, airports will now look to implement monitoring and automated solutions to enhance the flow of passengers through airport terminals and optimise flight times and connections, baggage handling, and many other aspects of travel, creating a safer and more flexible way of working.

Standhaft provides a comprehensive view of the effects that COVID-19 had on the industry and how Fraport AG will continue to develop better systems with consideration for increased traveller numbers and the prolonged concerns of the pandemic that have influenced the way that airports run. Standhaft expects to see more implementation of digital solutions, supported by the cloud, and a contactless experience for the masses.

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