FSU transforms to support the next-generation professionals

Dr. Hector Molina, Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO at FSU shares his experience transforming the institution with Adobe as its partner in digital solutions

Fayetteville State University recognises the importance of digital transformation, which it strives for on behalf of its students and is driven by the passing of graduates into careers across various fields of expertise. But, in order to achieve a higher graduate success rate requires a high level of education, and a focus on applicable skills that will allow them to thrive in the work environment. 

Not only is technology the tool that allows students to carry out their studies—particularly during times of disruption—it enables them to use digital technologies, which in itself is a basic skill that must be obtained for the majority of roles in an      ever-increasing digital society. 

So, who will set about procuring,      testing, and rolling out digital products that enhance the study experience and set students up to prosper? As well as discussing his time in the military, I was humbled to find out how the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at FSU, Dr. Hector Molina was, and continues to be, instrumental in facilitating the shift to digital for the benefit of the organisation, as well as the students.


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