GBAPS breaks barriers to technology, improving education

Amy Sterckx, Executive Director of Technology and Information at GBAPS, tells the story of the organisation’s equity commitment and digital transformation

Technology was, and still is, one of the key enablers of education and, as COVID-19 provoked years’ worth of digital transformation in such a short period of time, technology will continue to play its role in ensuring that students are educated properly, dynamically and safely. 

Yet, with new technology comes added risk. Luckily, cybersecurity is another core aspect of digitisation so, although there are increased attack vectors, there are increasingly more sophisticated ways of countering these and adapting such programs to meet the needs of users.

This is particularly true for Green Bay Area Public Schools (GBAPS), which has been on a journey to transform the way it operates, squeezing every last ounce of education into its students while making learning easier and more fun in the process. 

Overseeing these projects is Amy Sterckx, Executive Director of Technology and Information, who was born and raised in the area in which she now works. She began her career as a classroom teacher for the organisation, which has managed education across the city for more than 150 years. Now, she oversees the technology integration across 42 schools for more than 19,000 students. 

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