HCL: optimise manufacturing with digital and industry 4.0

Venkata ‘Raj’ Parchuri, AVP of manufacturing, explains HCL’s digital readiness frameworks and leveraging partnerships for industry 4.0 technology insights

Organisations want productivity, particularly in the manufacturing industry where quality, efficiencies and increased capacity utilisation are high on the business agenda. But, there is more to this than merely standardisation, as manufacturers require agility in the wake of industry 4.0. 

Digital technology goes hand-in-hand with industry 4.0, and HCL Technologies is committed to showing firms exactly how, when combining the two, they can provide benefits that exceed the confines of their production equipment. Digital solutions offer businesses better ways to optimise their manufacturing processes through the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI), along with other products that can be implemented to minimise downtime and increase their potential. 

One of the major challenges of digitalisation is implementation. Thankfully, then, HCL prides itself on being one of the leading providers of digitalisation solutions and consultation, but what makes the IT firm stand out from the rest are its vast applications of digital technology in the manufacturing landscape as well as other industry verticals. 

Focusing particularly on the implementation of digital services and cloud, Venkata ‘Raj’ Parchuri, AVP of Manufacturing at HCL Technologies, explained to me how the organisation’s strategy is aligned with customer needs, changing the way they look at digital transformation.


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