How Headspace Health created a culture of cyber awareness

Headspace Health is on a mission to change the way the world thinks about mental health. But to protect users’ data, innovative solutions are needed

Headspace Health is changing the way the world thinks about mental healthcare, delivering beloved meditation and mindfulness exercises and one-on-one care anytime, anywhere.

In 2021, Headspace and Ginger joined forces to form Headspace Health, the world's most comprehensive and accessible mental healthcare platform. Today, Headspace Health touches nearly 100 million lives worldwide through its brands Headspace, Ginger, and Headspace for Work. 

Headspace Health offers a whole spectrum of services, from mindfulness and meditation tools to CBT, coaching, therapy, and psychiatry. The service starts with the mobile app, which helps users with meditation and helps users build good daily habits around sleep breathing. 

“That is a consumer offering, so anyone could go to the app store and download and start using that and help themselves get better,” explains Puneet Thapliyal, Chief Information Security Officer at Headspace Health.

“If you have a certain situation where you need clinical help then, you are able to elevate the service level to clinical where you can now schedule time with a therapist or psychiatrist, or whatever it takes to get you into a better state from a mental healthcare standpoint,” he explains. “That's the vision of the company: to focus on outcomes and to make sure anyone who comes and uses our service is able to get better from a mental healthcare standpoint.”

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