How Memphis is using tech and AI to improve public services

The City of Memphis is revolutionising public services and driving value in local government by adopting new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI)

Augustine Boateng, Interim Chief Information Officer for the City of Memphis, explains how his city is utilising emerging technology like smart street lighting and AI cameras to improve public services, drive cost and energy efficiencies, and reduce crime and public disorder.

A vibrant city of more than 620,000 people, Memphis is world-renowned for its music culture, helping to launch the career of celebrated recording artists like Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin and Johnny Cash. 

It also played a significant role in America’s civil rights movement. The vibe of the city, which today is more than 60% African-American, has long been shaped by black culture. In 1968, black workers from the city’s Department of Public Works striked in hope of better pay and conditions; they attracted the support of Martin Luther King, who, on a visit to the city, was tragically assassinated that same year.

“Memphis has people who are so committed to their city. They have a love for their city and a love for what their city stands for. And we have the best barbecue in the world,” Boateng proclaims.

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