Jellyfish: Navigating large-scale M&A activity challenges

Benjamin Pipat, Chief Solutions Officer of Technology Solutions at Jellyfish, on the company’s efforts to navigate the challenges of M&A activity

As the Chief Solutions Officer of Technology Solutions at Jellyfish, Benjamin Pipat reflects on the company's recent merger and acquisition (M&A) activity and the company’s efforts to navigate the challenge of such activity at a large-scale.

Pipat deep dives into Jellyfish’s effective strategy for the integration and alignment of eight startups under one organisation, ensuring an effective team structure while maintaining its core philosophy of developing impactful technology. 

Pipat also looks at how the organisation empowers and motivates its technology teams, adopting a modified Spotify squad model, as well as the challenges of technology development, and what the future holds for both the organisation and the industry it operates in.

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