Kao Data: sustainable, high performance data centres

Kao Data’s Spencer Lamb tells us about the company’s evolution, its ambitions, and its underlying sustainability ethos

The rise in digitalisation has spurred an intensive period of evolution and maturation in the data centre industry. However, as the world becomes more dependent on digital infrastructure, many businesses have been faced with an intriguing dichotomy between the need to meet traditional demands for resilience, and to reduce their environmental impact in the face of net zero. 

Kao Data is a unique hybrid, with feet placed firmly in both camps. Located across three campuses and catering to a wide range of customers from enterprise and cloud to HPC and AI, it sets itself apart by being the UK’s leading operator of industrial-scale data centres designed to house the most demanding customer workloads. 

This means it recognises the merits of investing in sustainable infrastructure that serve businesses, from financial services to retail and enterprise to cloud, as well as in optimising its campus and facility developments to support customers within Life Sciences, AI and supercomputing. 

Moreover, it does so with an ethos for ultra-efficient and sustainable operations, supporting today’s businesses with green digital infrastructure that can meet demands for a reduced carbon footprint and industry-leading uptime.

With this in mind, Kao Data is prepared for any sign of shifting trends, and according to its chief commercial officer (COO), Spencer Lamb, this forward-thinking data centre operator is more than ready for the technological challenges that lay ahead.


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