Kensington Mortgages: a customer-first digital strategy

At the heart of Kensington Mortgages' digital transformation strategy is the customer – in particular, understanding their unique circumstances and needs.

Mark Foulsham is Chief Operating Officer for Kensington Mortgages, a UK-based specialist mortgage provider that works with customers neglected by the high-street banks. He explains how a personalised, human-led approach allows Kensington to better understand the unique circumstances and needs of its clients. This allows it to operate in the grey space between other mainstream lenders, providing mortgages to the over-55s, sole traders, the self-employed and to key emergency services personnel.

Kensington has come a long way since its inception in 1995, growing from a disruptor to an established lender with more than 900 employees and over £5bn on its mortgage book. In that time, it has embraced automation – something which Foulsham warns is not a panacea – and adopted new technology platforms. Foulsham is a firm believer in reusing your previous investments as well as the modularisation of solutions and technologies. He explains how Kensington's core technology partners have enabled the firm to scale, and why it's imperative to avoid just bolting on new technologies as much as possible.


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