Kontoor Brands: Fashioning a new cybersecurity program

John Scrimsher, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Kontoor Brands, shares how he built and developed the company’s cybersecurity program

On a mission to grow through innovative design and sustainable performance to excite more consumers, Kontoor Brands is made up of iconic names such as Wrangler and Lee jeans.

As a publicly-traded retail company, Kontoor faces the same cybersecurity challenges that many of its peers in the retail industry face.

Joining the company in 2019, John Scrimsher, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), was able to build a new cybersecurity program from the ground up, hiring a team along the way. Working closely with his team, he makes sure they are designing solutions that fit the business and help it to grow even further.

“We're not gonna try to adapt something that may have elements that don't quite fit with what we're trying to do. So, the way I describe it is that my goal is to build a security program for 2025, not adopt and adapt from 1995,” says Scrimsher. 

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