NHS trials AI tagging tech from NTU to improve wellbeing

How Highbury Hospital in Nottingham is trialling AI tagging technology developed by the Smart Sensing Lab at Nottingham Trent University

Smart Sensing Lab builds systems and digital tools for social good, such as wearables and assessing devices, working with end user organisations such as hospitals, local authorities, and charities to help them to solve real world problems.

An early version had already been field tested in Nottingham but we are here to officially launch version 2.0 at Highbury Mental Health Hospital in the city.

The lab’s Tag With Me platform was used in the famous Sherwood Forest (of Robin Hood fame) as part of the world-first 5G forest project that brought that history and habitat to life. This was also used at Rufford Abbey Country Park to encourage people to be more active, which is when the conversation started with the hospital to encourage both service users and staff to walk the mile-long route around the grounds.

“We built a platform and on top of this you could build different layers, different applications,” says Prof Kanjo. “We could also adopt it for schools, to allow children to learn while they are moving around and to make their learning experience more engaging and interactive. We also work with police services, looking at how can we use the same platform for crime prevention.”


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