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By Kayleigh Shooter

 Digital technology deployment is accelerating. Our eBook series fast-tracks industry transformation. Read more at Advanced communication networks are changing the way people interact with data, technology, and each other. What was once a distant, singular transaction at a keyboard is now an immersive experience via smart interfaces and new capabilities. We are linked to and guided by input from thousands of connected devices—from mobile phones and telehealth wearables to sensors of every kind. As a hallmark of our digital world, data is created, shared, and analyzed widely, creating layers of input and insight, making our interconnected experience richer, tangible, and more valuable. Through connectivity, better use of data, and a growing world of internet of things (IoT) technologies, U.S. industries, businesses, and communities are accelerating their digital future to become more resilient. Flexible communication networks underpin this revolution. Digital community systems, such as mobility networks, electric grids, and smart city systems, can endure disruption—from new market entrants and business models to global pandemics. With this flexibility, they can work in new ways to achieve their future state, be that more reliable, efficient, or citizen-centric. 


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