Quentin Le Brouster, Co-Founder and CTO of Back Market

Back Market’s Quentin Le Brouster outlines how his company looks to transform tech consumption by offering refurbished products as an alternative to new

Consumer behaviour is undoubtedly changing. As governments, businesses and individuals become increasingly climate-conscious, people around the world are making more responsible decisions when it comes to the environment.

Keen to be part of this transition, Back Market, the technology company disrupting the tech marketplace with refurbished devices, is on a mission to make the industry more sustainable. 

In the eight years since its founding, the Paris-based company has become the world’s leading renewed technology marketplace and wants to lead the way in the transition towards a circular economy. Quentin Le Brouster, Co-Founder and CTO discusses the company’s journey since its founding, its sharp focus on consumer experience and future plans for expansion.

In the feature, the CTO unpicks the challenges surrounding misconceptions in the refurbished tech market and how, with Okta, Back Market has been able to develop a sound and comprehensive defence strategy.

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