Regaining control over SaaS usage with Wing Security

Claroty turned to SaaS security posture management (SSPM) leader Wing Security, to ensure its SaaS usage is secure

Claroty secures the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) to achieve unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection across all cyber-physical systems. When it came to securing their employees’ SaaS usage, they turned to Wing Security to ensure they have full control over their SaaS layer. 

“Wing provides us with the visibility and the detail we need to protect our (SaaS) environment and make sure that our employees are safe and secure when they're dealing with SaaS applications,” says Tim Hillyard,  Senior Director of Security Operations at Claroty.

SaaS onboarding is decentralised and often doesn't go through IT or Security approvals. This creates a massive Shadow IT problem, as well as a serious security concern

Hillyard adds: “We need Wing because many SaaS applications are actually vulnerable to certain types of attacks, and in some cases these SaaS applications are malicious.

“They are created by bad actors whose intention is to compromise your end systems, or gain access to your personal data. So we need visibility on bad applications so that we can protect our employees.”

Wing Security is the only SSPM provider to deliver SaaS visibility completely for free. more info on that here

It is unique in that it doesn't only lay out the problem for you by showing you all the SaaS applications, users who use them and the data that is shared in and between SaaS applications, it also automatically remediates SaaS security issues from within the system, taking the load off of the security teams.

For other companies looking for similar SaaS peace of mind, Hillyward has this advice: “Find a company like Wing, that can change quickly and adapt to the ever-changing SaaS threat landscape. 

“You need a tool that can also adapt quickly to the environment and protect your users and your data.”

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