Sanofi: The arrival of the ‘haute couture’ supply chain

Arnaud Dourlens, Head of Clinical Supply Chain Operations at Sanofi, on building a resilient supply chain & creating efficient clinical trials

Sanofi is a one-of-a-kind pharmaceutical company for the modern age. Self-described as ‘pushing the frontiers of science’ and ‘chasing miracles’, the 100,000-plus employee company delivers ‘life-changing treatments and life-saving vaccines’ to patients around the globe.

The man in charge of the entire strategic sourcing and shipping process for the pharma company is Arnaud Dourlens, Head of Clinical Supply Chain Operations, who also oversees worldwide trial supply.

Dourlens believes that the clinical trial supply chain can be a source of value for patients and the healthcare sector.

“When a patient is suffering from a disease, they are in a tough situation, and clinical trials are an option of care for them,” explains Dourlens. 

Behind the clinical trial, there are a lot of activities that happen around defining a protocol, defining the way in which the study will be carried out and the way that the data will be managed.

Yet the treatment that the patients will get – when they receive a box of drugs or a vaccine designed to either save or vastly improve their life – is what the patients will see from Sanofi. It’s Dourlens’ job to get the drug to the patient on time, whatever the situation.

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