Tomei: Adapting to disruption with digital transformation

Liong Sze Jin, CTO at Tomei, discusses the gold and jewellery retailer’s 5-year digital transformation strategy and how it has helped to drive resilience

Liong Sze Jin, CTO at Tomei Consolidated Berhad, discusses the gold and jewellery retailer’s five-year digital transformation strategy and the technology it has implemented along the way with the help of Microsoft and Dell Technologies.

Liong further discusses the company's resilience and fast-paced adaptability to the disruptions of COVID-19, transforming from brick-and-mortar-only stores to having an online presence. 

Finally, Liong reflects on the next steps for the company along its digital transformation journey – currently in its second year – and its dedication to improving customer experiences to create beautiful, evergreen jewellery masterpieces.

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