AI & Machine Learning Lists

Top 10: RPA Companies

With the Global RPA Market Forecast to Reach Around US$19bn by 2030, Technology Magazine Highlights the Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Companies

Top 10: No-code tools

Technology Magazine highlights 10 of the leading no-code tools, from app development platforms to helping with marketing strategies and building AI models

Top 10: Machine learning companies

Technology Magazine looks at the Top 10 companies in the world of machine learning

Top 10: Autonomous vehicle companies

Technology Magazine looks at the leading innovative players in the autonomous vehicle industry that are shaping the future of transportation


Top 10: Generative AI tools for businesses

We explore 10 of the top generative AI tools empowering businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises

Top 10 companies advancing natural language processing

Technology Magazine looks at 10 of the top NLP companies that are making strides in the rapidly-changing world of AI


Top 10 AI technology startups to watch in 2023

With AI increasingly a driver of technological innovation and growth in the tech sector, Technology Magazine looks at 10 startups to look out for this year

Top 10 military technology companies putting AI into action

From processing data to combat simulation, AI can be used in many military applications. We look at 10 of the top companies leading the way.