Hexaware & Microsoft to propel innovation with generative AI

IT services company Hexaware and Microsoft have announced a partnership aimed at helping enterprises unlock the potential of generative AI technology

Global IT services company Hexaware has announced it is partnering with Microsoft on AI-driven solutions, working together to help enterprises unlock the potential of generative AI.

Today, generative AI and other rapidly evolving technologies are ushering in a bold new future for business as physical and digital worlds become inextricably linked, with the technology sparking significant creativity and innovation.

The partnership will be driven by Hexaware’s knowledge ecosystem solution, Tenjin for Knowledge Services, which uses Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI Service. Its proprietary Tenjin platform drives collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling enterprises to channel the power of AI for informed decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Platform capitalises on the transformative capabilities of generative AI

Hexaware’s Tenjin platform capitalises on the transformative capabilities of generative AI technology to construct dynamic, scalable, and high-precision knowledge ecosystems. It addresses the constraints of conventional knowledge builders, equipping organisations with superior collaboration and knowledge dissemination capabilities, and paves the way for informed decision-making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

According to the company, with Tenjin for Knowledge Services, organisations have reported a tenfold increase in efficiency, a 30-40% surge in customer satisfaction, and an 80% reduction in knowledge ecosystem management costs.

"Our vision is to empower businesses in building a robust AI foundation that scales securely and responsibly, keeping them at the forefront of technological evolution,” Siddharth Dhar, Corporate Vice President & Global Head – Digital IT Operations at Hexaware, stated. “We are committed to building on our momentum with Microsoft on AI-driven solutions and co-innovating to enable businesses to realise comprehensive business value at an unprecedented pace."

“At Microsoft, we are committed to helping our customers and partners unlock the potential of AI to drive innovation and transformation,” said Dhanniya Venkatasalapathy, Executive Director – Cloud Solutions at Microsoft India.

“Hexaware's domain expertise and focus on AI and automation position them to drive innovation with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Together, we are using the power of generative AI to create dynamic, scalable, and high-precision knowledge ecosystems that will enable organisations to make informed decisions and deliver high quality customer experiences.”


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