Cloud & Cybersecurity Lists

Top 10: Cloud Platforms

Technology Magazine Highlights the Top 10 Leading Platforms Helping Organisations Harness the Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Top 10: Super apps

Offering features such as mobile payments, e-commerce, ride-hailing, food delivery and social networking, super apps have transformed daily life for users

Top 10: Data security companies

With research showing data breaches continue to rise, Technology Magazine looks at 10 of the leading companies helping organisations protect their data


Top 10: Cloud companies

Technology Magazine looks at 10 of the top cloud companies in the world


Top 10: Companies driving 6G

We explore 10 of the leading companies driving the next generation of networking, 6G, which promises to dramatically increase speed and capabilities


The top 10 Software-as-a-Service providers

As the cloud becomes ubiquitous, more tech providers are pivoting into the SaaS space. Here, we highlight those SaaS providers going above and beyond

Top 10 ways to protect organisations from cyber attacks

With cyber attacks growing in frequency and complexity, Technology Magazine looks at 10 of the best ways to protect your organisation from breaches


Top 10 EdTech companies changing the way the world learns

With the global EdTech sector predicted to be worth US$404bn by 2025, we look at the top companies helping their users achieve academic success