Open Systems appoints new Chief People Officer, Alaska May

May to build a first-class talent program for Open Systems, in addition to driving recruitment and retention initiatives for the cybersecurity provider

Open Systems has appointed Alaska May as their new Chief People Officer, as they look to support growing demand for managed security services. 

The managed detection and response (MDR) and secure access service edge (SASE) services  of Open Systems connect and protect customers, while increasing their security maturity. With a 97% retention rate and covering 10,000 locations across 184 countries, the five-time Microsoft Gold Partner helps their clients to grasp and reduce their attack surface and find value in their security investments.

May joins the company’s executive leadership team which recently added Tom Corn, Michael Davis and Chris Raniere as the company’s Chief Product Officer, Chief Architect and Chief Revenue Officer, respectively.

A veteran Human Resources professional, May has held several executive-level positions over the past 15 years, including serving as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for International Markets, a data services company.

May will be charged with recruiting and retaining additional cybersecurity experts, while seeking to build a world-class talent management program. Critical to Open Systems is their desire to preserve and enhance their unique culture; strengthening their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ethos and promoting a positive and healthy workplace that enables employees to perform at their best.

Geoff Haydon, CEO of Open Systems, said on May's appointment: “Great people have always been at the heart of Open Systems. Their tireless efforts and outstanding work have enabled us to deliver the outstanding outcomes that have protected our customers for over two decades. Though growing demand requires us to quickly hire additional employees, it is vital we do so without compromising the corporate culture that has made Open Systems a great company to work for. Fortunately, Alaska’s extensive experience not only makes her ideal for leading our recruiting efforts, she also knows how to facilitate a positive environment that will help us retain staff while empowering them to do their best work.”

Alaska May said in response: “I am excited to join Open Systems and am eager to implement programs to attract new talent and improve the experience of employees who have already made the company their home. Open Systems has many advantages that make it a desirable place to build a career in cybersecurity. Its unique and inclusive culture, for example, is attractive to prospective employees, and its DevSecOps model keeps security experts engaged and mentally stimulated by rotating between operational and non-operational roles, which can lead to better job satisfaction and lower turnover.”


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