Poor IT experience is one of the top 3 reasons for burnout

Nexthink release new findings that show that the quality of the digital workplace influences willingness to recommend a company to a job seeker

Nexthink, the cloud-native platform, has released new research that shows that poor IT experience is one of the top three reasons for employee resignation and burnout, with millennials most likely to resign due to this reason. 

The Digital Sabotage & The Great Resignation report (surveying employees and senior IT decision-makers from UK, US, Germany, France) has found that for 42% employees - and 82% of IT decision makers - the quality of the digital workplace influences their willingness to recommend their company to a job seeker.


Key findings:

  • Millennials are most likely to agree, with nearly a third (28%) of employees aged 25-34 years old saying they would consider leaving a job because of poor IT experience or lack of the right digital tools
  • 42% of employees and 82% of ITDMs feel that the quality of the digital workplace influences their willingness to recommend their company to a job seeker
  • 40% of employees and 68% of senior ITDMs report experiencing at least one IT issue a week that prevents them from doing their job
  • A driver of poor DEX can unfortunately be self-created in some cases, a startling 82% of senior ITDMs believe that employees at their organisation don’t realise that they are often the source of their own digital frustrations


Answer lies in aligning IT with HR


Yassine Zaied is the Chief Strategy Officer of Nexthink. He said that "the ongoing pandemic and resulting remote work has brought employee experience issues to the forefront, specifically the role that IT plays in either assisting or hindering that experience as digital environments are the connective thread for enterprises.”

“What’s concerning is that only 32 percent of employees were aware their company even had a dedicated digital employee experience resource within IT. Combined with employees stating they would leave their job because of a poor IT experience, in this time of the Great Resignation, businesses can’t risk this.”

 “A more proactive and engaged IT team, closely aligned to HR is crucial to ensuring optimum employee experience and retaining talent amidst the Great Resignation. Being flexible with employee tech needs (younger workers may require different systems than older employees) and anticipating the needs and struggles of an employee before it reaches a boiling point, are powerful solutions to reduce burnout and retain talent.”



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