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Top 10: Technology Associations

We highlight the Top 10 Technology Assocations that drive innovation, uphold ethics and are shaping the future of technology


Top 10: Technology Startups

Technology Magazine considers some of the leading technology startup companies that are committed to accelerating global business innovation

Top 10: Technology CEOs

We highlight the 10 most influential technology leaders, whose decisions and actions are poised to have a lasting impact on the global business landscape

Top 10: Trailblazers in Technology

From titans who disrupted entire industries to leaders shaping the future, we highlight the trailblazers whose innovations have defined the 21st century

Top 10: AI Companies

We highlight the companies driving the AI revolution with cutting-edge technologies and applications that are transforming industries worldwide


Top 10: Women in Technology in APAC

Technology Magazine showcases some of the leading women in technology working across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region committed to digital transformation


Top 10: CISOs

With the role of the Chief Information Security Officer continuing to evolve, we highlight the Top 10 CISOs helping develop security strategies


Top 10: Women in Technology in MEA

Technology Magazine highlights 10 of the most inspiring and accomplished women in technology in the Middle East and Africa