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Top 10 big tech companies creating a more sustainable world

Leading the way in sustainability initiatives, the world's biggest tech companies are setting ambitious goals and investing in sustainable technologies


From ELIZA to ChatGPT: The evolution of chatbots technology

With evolving artificial intelligence technology, chatbots are becoming smarter and faster. Technology Magazine looks at the history of chatbot technology


Top 10 leaders innovating in the world of AI

When fantastical AI innovations come into play, we often tend to focus on the company itself. Here, we look at the Top 10 experts driving the companies


Top 10 tech startups globally in 2022

As technology continues to develop and be applied to a wide range of industries, Technology Magazine takes a look at 10 of the top tech startups globally


Top 10 cybersecurity companies in the world in 2022

To prevent attacks, it has never been more important for enterprises to invest in cybersecurity. We look at the top companies offering cyber platforms.


Top 10 sustainable smart cities helping make a better world

From air quality monitoring to bike sharing schemes, we look at 10 of the most ambitious smart cities using sustainable technology solutions

Top 10 edtech companies for business

Technology Magazine takes a look at some of the companies helping businesses, students and tutors achieve academic success in remote-learning environments


Top 10 retail technology companies

Technology Magazine takes a look at some of the companies helping shopkeepers of all sizes adapt to the “new normal” for commerce in a post-Covid world