ADEIA: Innovation for the future of entertainment

Serhad Doken, Chief Technology Officer, shares insight into the IP business Adeia, which invents, develops and licences innovations that advance our lives

For over 40 years, Adeia’s fundamental innovations have shaped the way millions of people explore and experience entertainment and enhanced billions of devices in an increasingly connected world. 

From TVs to smartphones, in almost any place you can think of, from home to work to on-the-go and in all types of entertainment experiences, from Pay-TV to OTT, managing content and connections in a way that is smart, immersive and personal is precisely what Adeia’s innovations do.

The company ensures it has an army of employees with PhDs, looking not just at what is coming in the next few months, but in the long-term. “We work on tough technical problems, and we’re fully supportive of inventions and inventors,” said Serhad Doken, Chief Technology Officer.

“I was brought in to build the media R&D team last year, as we are getting ready to separate as a public company during Q3 of 2022. I have a long tenure working on innovation-specific roles at various companies. This was an exciting opportunity for me to work at the top of the innovation funnel yet again, with the potential to invent the future as the sole focus of the role,” said Doken.


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