Delivering best-in-class service to the data centre industry

Operating at the heart of the global data centre industry, JK is one of America’s most trusted and sustainable relocation and logistical service providers

JK Moving Services and JK Technology Services are headquartered in Loudoun County, Virginia – the data centre hub of the globe. There are more data centres based in Loudoun County and nearby Prince William County than the rest of the world combined. In fact, approximately 88% of the world's internet comes through Loudoun County, Virginia. 

JK's evolution in the data centre industry came as a response to regional trends, a combination of high degrees of company flexibility and an exceptional example of ‘right place, right time’. 

As its existing clients started transitioning into the data centre world, JK Moving Services initially entered the industry as a support mechanism for its existing clients, helping with the lifecycle management of their mission-critical assets, particularly with staff augmentation – from new deployment of production gear to climate mitigation all the way through to end-of-life UPS batteries, the demand for trusted technology services partners called us to action.

Today, thanks to its proximity to the data centre hub of the world and its ability to fulfill the mission-critical needs of its data centre clients in terms of logistics and relocation, JK Technology Services has emerged as a pioneer in the space. 

We spoke to Chuck Kuhn, the CEO of JK Moving Services, about the company’s specialist data centre services, and the initiatives that it is adopting to support the industry-wide transition to sustainability.  

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