Sarah Watson, Make-A-Wish UK

As Make-A-Wish UK continues on its mission to support ill children and their families, Sarah Watson explains how tech will drive the organisation forward

Around the world, an incomprehensible number of children are suffering from illnesses that, in one way or another, significantly affect their lives and those of their families. 

In the UK alone, there are around tens of thousands of children living with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, with their loved ones having to face the almost impossible task of adapting to this new normal while maintaining a sense of positivity.

For many of these children, their childhood looks drastically different to how it was before. But, through the work of its significant volunteer base, Make-A-Wish UK seeks to offer a moment of respite and happiness to both children and their families. Make-A-Wish UK is determined to put issues associated with childhood illness aside and empower children with the opportunity to choose a wish that's unique to them.

This is a particularly powerful thing as the lives of many of these children are wholly dictated by their health needs; the wish creates hope, with the culmination inspiring happiness and positive memories for the whole family to cherish.

Dedicated both to her role and the families Make-A-Wish UK supports, Sarah Watson, Director of Finance and Technology at Make-A-Wish UK, and her team are sharply focused on how technology can enable the charity to deliver more wishes in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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