Supercharging southeast states with critical infrastructure

DC BLOX is the data centre provider with a difference. By connecting communities in southeast USA to the world, they are enabling massive economic growth

DC BLOX exists to empower growing communities where secure, reliable multi-tenant data centres and rich connectivity options are limited. Their foundational infrastructure enables businesses to succeed in today’s digital economy.

Passionate about driving progress in communities where the foundational infrastructure for the digital economy is limited, CEO Jeff Uphues says that it has been a “really exciting journey” since they were founded eight years ago. 

“The whole premise behind us was to serve local markets or mid-size markets that didn't have the critical infrastructure, like some of the bigger cities like LA or New York had done. We've always been in the Southeast and around the Atlanta market.” 

The global aspect is embodied by the Myrtle Beach cable landing station, an ambitious project due to open in 2023 on the eastern seaboard in conjunction with a leading hyperscaler, which is designed to connect the Southeast to the rest of the world like never before. 

Culture is part of everything that DC BLOX does, truly embodying their approach to serve locally, connect globally.

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