TXOne Networks solutions secure OT in the production line

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Carl-Johan Dahlgren, TXOne's Business Development Director for Northern Europe, shares the company’s solutions for secure operational technologies

TXOne Networks stands as a specialised OT cybersecurity vendor, singularly focused on fortifying mission-critical operational technologies and infrastructures of paramount significance. It caters to manufacturing, oil, gas, and electricity sectors, offering cybersecurity protocols that preserve production continuity and digital manufacturing system integrity. Carl-Johan Dahlgren, TXOne's Business Development Director for Northern Europe, delineates the company's adaptable solutions.

Dahlgren elucidates the distinction between IT and OT, where IT deals with information handling and OT concerns operational technology involving physical devices. TXOne equips clients with tools for vulnerability scanning and analysis as a proactive cybersecurity strategy. The product range scans assets for malicious code, especially pertinent when integrating new machinery.

It could be that you want to scan a new machine before you bring it into the production environment,” says Dahlgren.

TXOne's Edge Series, a suite of products, empowers clients to secure various production levels, including legacy systems. Notably, the Edge IPS stands out – a level two device protecting non-software-installing machines. It seamlessly integrates as a physical layer in the network, fortifying older hardware.

“The Edge IPS is a layer two device, a physical device that you put in your network to protect machines or computers on which are unable to install any kind of software. This could be very old machines, legacy operating systems, etc,” says Dahlgren. 

“You don’t need to re-architecture the environment since it’s one layer and just a bump in the wire. You can just plug into a physical cable and it begins producing the Edge Series.” 

Dahlgren also introduces a level three device functioning as an IT environment firewall, though its integration requires considering the network architecture. This approach ensures comprehensive protection for diverse customer needs.

Practical understanding is exemplified through a partnership with strategic advisor Sopra Steria. This collaboration facilitates up-to-date insight into TXOne's evolving portfolio, enabling adept advice to customers regarding environment protection and future architecture.

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