CloudMinds signs agreement to produce SCA intelligent flexible actuators in Shanghai

By Marcus Lawrence
Beijing-based CloudMinds, an intelligent cloud and robotics firm, has announced that it has joined one of 20 AI-based initiatives in Shanghai The agree...

Beijing-based CloudMinds, an intelligent cloud and robotics firm, has announced that it has joined one of 20 AI-based initiatives in Shanghai

The agreement to join the Pioneering Intelligence Industry Demonstration Base program, signed with the Government of Minhang District, Shanghai, will see CloudMinds aim to begin manufacturing its SCA flexible actuators in the city.

CloudMinds’ statement said that the firm’s “business philosophy is predicated on the company assuming the role of an enabler in the robotics industry”, and it believes that its flexible actuator will drive the company closer to this goal.

Its SCA intelligent flexible actuator “integrates the motor, actuator and encoder”, is “one-tenth the size of a conventional micro servo”, and “bears greater torque and delivers high dynamic performance output”.

CloudMinds added that the actuator is significantly more secure than conventional micro servos, and possesses “adaptability to the environment”.

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The firm says that its rollout of the SCA intelligent flexible actuator “has dramatically reduced the R&D costs associated with the creation of robots while reducing their size, making mass production possible”.

Flexible robots are expected to become far more widespread in the foreseeable future, with near-human mobile capabilities and precision that will enable a revolution of the services sector.

CloudMinds noted that its flexible robots are capable of “opening the door and handing someone a cup of water”, skills which demonstrate their high-precision abilities.

“The launch of flexible robots is also expected to completely alter the landscape of the global robotics market”, the company’s statement added.

“CloudMinds Technology, with its intelligent cloud infrastructure and SCA intelligent flexible actuator, is leading a new revolution in the industry as the strongest player in the Chinese robotics sector”.


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