Big Data LDN: Databricks CTO to address the AI revolution

Big Data London to explore the future of data through Generative AI with new theatres announced for 2023

Big Data LDN - the UK’s leading Data, Analytics and AI event - is set to delve into the crucial role of data culture, science and the future of Generative AI as the overarching themes of this year’s conference, set to take place on 20th-21st September 2023 at Olympia, London.

Generative AI has created a shift in how we interact with and utilise data, with tools such as deep learning and natural language processing enabling unprecedented levels of automation, and reshaping how we collect, process, and extract value from data. AI is a pivotal theme and significant component of the conference as businesses look to embrace Gen AI to stay competitive and innovative as the science of data continues to evolve. 

Panel discussion on the evolution of data culture resulting from generative AI

Databricks EMEA Field CTO, Robin Sutara will host a panel discussion along with Di Mayze, Global Head of Data and AI at WPP, Natalie Cramp, CEO, Profusion, and Richard Davis, Chief Data Officer of Ofcom, in the Y-Axis Keynote Theatre at 9:15am on Thursday 21st September. 

The discussion ‘People, process and platform – is Gen AI creating a Game of Thrones and how can we lead our organisations on the AI revolution?’, will cover the evolution of data culture resulting from the GenAI movement and the implications of generative AI on various aspects of organisations, including workforce dynamics, decision-making processes, and the role of human creativity. They will explore how generative AI can disrupt traditional organisational structures and challenge existing power hierarchies. 

Additionally, the panel aims to provide insights and share strategies for leading organisations through this transformative period, including the importance of fostering a culture of innovation, up-skilling employees to work alongside AI systems, and establishing ethical guidelines for AI usage. 

Gen AI and Data Science Theatre

In line with the advancements in AI, Big Data LDN has also announced the new Gen AI and Data Science Theatre for 2023. AI is being used by companies of all sizes to optimise their business processes and enhance their products, whilst Data Science teams face the challenge of making AI work for their business and show returns from years of investment in technology.  

The new theatre will address these challenges and the future of AI, with talks including the transformative journey of Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), a joint venture between industry giants General Mills and Nestlé, as they redefine decision-making in the era of AI and Big Data. Hear how CPW modernised its analytics processes, turning to augmented analytics and generative AI to realise its vision for a data-driven culture. Taking place on Wednesday 20th September from 4:40pm, the discussion will cover challenges faced, strategies implemented, and the tangible results achieved in this ongoing journey towards democratised analytics. 

Big Data LDN’s Teams and Talent Theatre

In addition, in line with Big Data LDN’s commitment to delivering unparalleled insights and networking opportunities, it has unveiled two further theatres to the event – the Teams and Talent Theatre and the Analytics and Storytelling Theatre. With 15 theatres now lined up, BDL continues to welcome some of the biggest data powerhouses in the industry such as Microsoft, IBM and Snowflake

The Teams and Talent Theatre will provide invaluable insights into talent acquisition and retention in the data domain, creating a positive Data Culture, and promoting Data Literacy. At 11:20am on Thursday 21st Sept, an all-female panel including Lindsay Mason, MoD, Vanessa Fernandes, Capgemini and Fiona Browning, DSTL will afford attendees the opportunity to hear how to sustain a learning culture within data teams. The discussion will provide actionable strategies for continuous learning, upskilling, and reskilling data professionals, empowering them to stay innovative and adaptable. Additionally, attendees will discover practical approaches to foster a cohesive and supportive team environment, promote employee morale, productivity, retention, and the crucial role of leadership in fostering curiosity, collaboration, and skill development. It’s a panel that promises to impart the knowledge and tools to nurture a dynamic learning culture, enabling data teams to thrive and drive success in an ever-changing data-driven landscape. 

The new Analytics and Storytelling Theatre will equip attendees with the tools to unlock patterns and insights, empowering them to inform critical business decisions and effectively communicate their findings. On Wednesday 20th Sept, Phil Yeoman, Partner and CDO, Cinq, will explore what we can learn from the world of gaming. His presentation will take us on a journey and show how immersive virtual reality could be the future of data visualisation, storytelling and literacy skills training. 

Bill Hammond, Big Data LDN’s Event Director, commented: "2022 was the year of Data Mesh, with many discussions around the topic and how to decentralise data storage and management. As this has evolved, Big Data London has done too. This year promises to be bigger and more insightful than ever. The introduction of the new theatres ensures our ability to address the wide range of themes at the forefront of data innovation, shaping the way businesses operate and leverage data-driven insights. 

“Generative AI and Data Culture are transforming the data landscape, and our three new theatres, along with a host of hugely talented speakers, will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of these innovational trends." 

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