CGG Rebrands to Viridien to Become an Advanced Tech Company

CGG has rebranded itself Viridien to accelerate growth as an advanced technology company. Pic: Viridien
CGG has rebranded itself Viridien to accelerate growth as an advanced technology company. Pic: Viridien
Longstanding French geoscience and technology company CGG has rebranded as Viridien, pivoting to high-growth areas like HPC and AI solutions

Longstanding French geoscience and technology company CGG has announced it has rebranded as Viridien, marking a strategic shift for the company as it divests from data acquisition to focus on high-growth areas like high-performance computing (HPC) and AI solutions.

The latest part of a strategy announced in 2018 aimed at efficiently and responsibly solving its customers’ complex natural resource, digital, energy transition and infrastructure challenges, the new brand name pays homage to Viridien's 93-year history and French roots, combining the Latin words viridis (green, verdant) and -ien (coming from). The new logo's blue and green colours, the company says, represent its geoscience DNA and environmental commitment.

“This momentous occasion marks a pivotal moment in our timeline, linking our distinguished 90+ years of history as CGG to our forward-looking trajectory as Viridien,” comments Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO of Viridien. “The transformational changes we are seeing across society, driven by increasing energy demand, a growing commitment to take care of our planet, and the accelerating capabilities of our digital era, bring challenges and opportunities that make our technology, data, and expertise more relevant than ever.”

CGG, now Viridien: Designing and optimising HPC cloud systems

With leading expertise in Earth science, data science, sensing, imaging and monitoring, Viridian has over seven decades at the forefront of industrial-scale computing, and benefits from deep expertise in designing and optimising HPC systems to meet customers’ unique business requirements. The company leverages this experience to provide customised HPC cloud solutions that align computing performance with specific workload demands.

From algorithm optimisation to full infrastructure hosting, Viridien's HPC and cloud experts tailor every aspect of the solution stack. This includes leveraging cutting-edge hardware accelerators like energy-efficient GPUs and CPUs, as well as innovations like immersion cooling to maximise computational density.

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Viridien operates its own latest-generation data centres powered entirely by renewable energy sources to support customers' sustainability objectives. Its state-of-the-art HPC facilities feature NVIDIA's H100 GPUs, fully configured for AI training, fine-tuning and inference workloads.

For AI and machine learning use cases, Viridien offers the AI Cloud – a high-performance architecture with pre-installed AI software stacks and exceptional professional services support. Customers can opt for an innovative Outcome-as-a-Service (OaaS) pricing model aligned with their unique KPIs.

The OaaS model is designed for complex modelling, simulation, and analytics workloads that demand high-fidelity results. It maximises cloud productivity by ensuring customers only pay for the compute power required to achieve their desired outcomes most efficiently.

According to Zurquiyah: “As Viridien, we are building on our track record of innovation to advance our core business capabilities and accelerate the growth of our new businesses to position our company for continued success for decades to come.”


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