Drone fleets help keep Israel’s server farms safe and secure

Secure server farms in underground complexes processing crucial Israeli state data and communications are to receive a security detail of automated drones

MedOne, Israel’s largest data centre hub, has implemented Indoor Robotics’ autonomous drone fleet system at its biggest server farm to improve security and safety. 

Indoor Robotics’s Tando offering is a fully autonomous indoor drone fleet that independently performs safety and security inspection missions inside buildings. MedOne plans to assimilate the technology into the rest of its facilities across the country.

MedOne's server farms are located in highly secure underground complexes and serve as a major communication hub for the State of Israel to the world, as a large portion of the State's communication traffic passes through MedOne's facilities.

“The management of the safety and security systems in data centres is critical to ensure the quality and protection of highly sensitive information,” says Ofir Bar Levav, Chief Business Officer at Indoor Robotics. “Tando will enable complete and ongoing monitoring of the facilities at all times.

Drone patrols and midnight missions

The Tando system continuously conducts inspections during the night and on weekends. It scans the facility to detect any changes, malfunctions, or leaks and monitors temperature to ensure the integrity and ongoing operation of the site. The system operates autonomously, according to tasks defined by MedOne. 

Drones patrol the premises at set times, collect information and report to the safety and security manager if any unusual activity is detected. The system can also be activated proactively in response to alerts from other systems, such as smoke sensors, access controls or motion sensors. 

The operator can indicate the area they want to be monitored and the information they want to be collected, and the system will determine the most suitable drone for the mission while using the safest route to provide the information quickly. Information from the drone can be viewed in real-time or after the mission is completed.


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