Data & Data Analytics Articles


Technology can overcome public sector data privacy concerns

A new report finds that collaborative data ecosystems help governments to craft a response to systemic challenges, but widespread adoption is yet to come

Five steps to preserve data privacy and reduce risk in AI

Taking steps to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of data used by AI and ML models is crucial to maintain customer trust and preserve reputation

Capgemini helps Boehringer Ingelheim in a world of data

Ruth Lütticken, Director of Life Sciences, Data Science & AI, Capgemini, explains how data management is helping Boehringer Ingelheim to transform lives

Why the way businesses deal with data is changing

Many businesses are bringing in data experts to leverage data initiatives. However, relying solely on data experts can be a crucial error for businesses


Providing best digital experiences key to customer loyalty

Research from MuleSoft reveals that the economic turmoil is causing consumers to become fussier than ever, with 81% saying they’re reassessing their budget

RVO Health is digitising the patient healthcare journey

Courtney Jeffus boasts great success in improving patient yield and healthcare performance, partnering with Novant Health to provide digital care services

Civica: Helping the Army strengthen its digital backbone

A trusted partner across the MOD, Civica has helped Army HQ implement data governance, quality, architecture and digital upskilling.


Metrics “laundry lists” could indicate lack of CIO strategy

New research reveals top metrics for CIOs to measure and monitor have little to do with IT and everything to do with ensuring the success of the business