Data & Data Analytics Articles

NTT: Unnecessary data storage hindering sustainability goals

NTT Ltd report finds majority of businesses don’t directly tie data storage to sustainability goals, despite 80% having policies and incentives in place

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee, Inrupt CTO & creator of the World Wide Web

Dark data: How AI and ML can solve unclassified data issues

AI and machine learning can be used to tackle data problems, allowing light to be shone on organisations’ dark data

Alteryx & McLaren Racing datathon accelerates data skills

With the need for data skills on the rise, initiatives like Alteryx’s SparkED programme can help upskill employees with the ability to use data analytics

SAP, Google Cloud building open data and AI for enterprises

New offering will unite SAP with Google Cloud's data and analytics technology, making enterprise data more open and advancing enterprise AI development

OpenText & Google Cloud help unlock power of data with AI

Expansion of OpenText’s partnership with Google Cloud will deliver AI-led innovations, creating market changing technology for organisations of all sizes

Big data market be worth $400bn by 2030, driven by AI and ML

The big data world is undergoing a paradigm shift driven by the integration of advanced technologies such as machine learning, AI, and data analytics

DataBank CEO on the impact of data centre shortages on AI

DataBank CEO Raul Martynek discusses the impact of the ongoing data centre shortage and how this may cause problems for the continuation of AI adoption