Data & Data Analytics Articles

Navigating the complexity of data governance and AI models

As businesses rapidly adopt Generative AI, experts warn that neglecting robust data governance can limit potential and pose security and ethical risks


Deloitte & IBM: Data solutions driving tech sustainability

Collaboration to help clients deliver improved sustainability outcomes by streamlining data, elevating insights and accelerating transformation


Carlsberg Group is using IoT to make data-driven decisions

Onomondo’s connectivity is helping Carlsberg revolutionise the way bars, restaurants and pubs operate, enabling real-time insights into sales patterns


How Bloomberg & Databricks deliver data-powered insights

Bloomberg’s Data License and Data License Plus (DL+) solutions are enabling Databricks customers to increase efficiency and streamline workflows


AI-enabled decision intelligence driving enterprise success

Report by IDC and commissioned by Aera Technology describes what every executive and enterprise needs to know about AI-powered decision intelligence

Why organisations must protect data from the quantum threat

With concerns that quantum computers will be able to crack traditional encryption in future, organisations must take measures to protect their data now

How Nokia & T-Mobile are utilising the full potential of 5G

In a long-standing collaborative partnership, Nokia and T-Mobile are utilising the true potential of 5G through innovation for a wide variety of use cases

Kohler delivers power solutions to keep data centres on

Lenaik Andrieux, GM EMEA & India of Power Systems at Kohler, explains why its production increase is paramount for enabling reliable energy for data centre