Digital Transformation Articles

Intelligent Workflows: Automation & AI transforming business

Combining automation, AI, and data analytics, intelligent workflows are reshaping business processes for increased efficiency and adaptability


PwC report highlights concerns despite gen AI opportunity

PwC Global Risk Survey finds cyber and digital technology risks are key concerns for businesses and risk leaders, even as 60% see gen AI as an opportunity

Towards Net Zero: Intel publish 2023 climate transition plan

Intel's 2023 sustainability roadmap outlines continued net-zero goals as it champions renewable energy and sustainable solutions across the tech sector

Thomas Kurian: A commitment to the cloud

A world leader in cloud-based services, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian has been helping spearhead global digital transformation efforts for three decades


Microsoft announces path to quantum at scale with Photonic

Companies aim to unlock the next stages in quantum networking with capabilities enabled by complementary approaches to scalable quantum infrastructure

Transforming the future of collaboration and hybrid work

HCLTech has announced the launch of its Meeting-Rooms-as-a-Service, in collaboration with Cisco, to transform how organisations implement hybrid work

How SOL PV helped Central Co-op become a greener business

SOL PV has become a standout in the renewable energy industry and is helping organisations like Central Co-op to achieve their sustainability goals

Microsoft study highlights AI business value and opportunity

Report commissioned by Microsoft found 71% of companies are already using AI, with organisations realising a return on their investments within 14 months