OpenText AI: Empowering Businesses in Information Management

Technology Magazine was on the ground at OpenText World Europe 2024 to examine how the company is harnessing enterprise AI to perfect data-led solutions

OpenText has a clear vision: To solve tomorrow’s most complex problems with information management and artificial intelligence (AI).

Kicking off its OpenText World Europe event in London, before travelling to Munich and Paris this week (April 2024), the company is bringing together customers and partners to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and information management to elevate human potential. 

The event is the software company’s largest ever release, as it launches a broad range of product updates to its Aviator platform and Titanium X, its next-gen autonomous cloud.

With more than 50,000 customers worldwide, OpenText sits at the centre of connected ecosystems and plays a crucial role in helping customers adopt cloud, security and AI. It already has three twin data centres that are cloud and AI-ready, operating via hyperscale partnerships with the likes of Azure and AWS.

AI and OpenText: Enabling new ways for businesses to grow

OpenText’s vision and strategy is to solve tomorrow’s most complex problems with information management technology that serve as a catalyst for transformation. The myriad announcements at OpenText World Europe include Titanium X - the company’s strategic roadmap with three areas of innovation.

These include:
  • Business Clouds: OpenText sets out to elevate everyone – from engineers to IT – with integrated and secure technology to drive meaningful simplification and efficiencies.
  • Business AI: Applying generative AI (Gen AI) to power customers to get more out of their IP. With AI-assistants that run across large private data sets, the right people get the right information.
  • Business Technology: Focusing on bringing customers enterprise-strength data platforms deployed anywhere in any way – private cloud, public cloud, or through APIs.

Practical solutions offered by Titanium X range from AI-persona assistants for business operations, to next generation search and IoT technologies. OpenText is ultimately innovating to combine trusted information management and data strategies with advanced AI capabilities. 

In his keynote speech this morning (15th April 2024), CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea addressed how customers can be more creative and productive with OpenText.

“Throughout history, pivotal moments have propelled industries, societies, and cultures forward. AI is such a moment—a catalyst that will revolutionise the business landscape,” he says. “As we usher in the era of Business AI, we need to let the machines do the work, and raise human productivity and creativity. This is OpenText’s focus with OpenText Aviator.”

OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea speaking at OpenText World Europe 2024 (Image courtesy of OpenText)

OpenText Aviator is the company’s Gen AI capabilities that leverage large language models (LLMs) and private data sets to solve specific use cases. Customers harness Aviator to manage private data sets and gain the full potential of their data without having to move anything.

Likewise, the company’s AI-first mindset ensures that customers within the aviation industry can gain faster insights from reports. As a result, human workers are freed up to complete more important and complex tasks which Mark explains as “having a conversation with the data.”

AI is “a force multiplier for human potential,” he states. “We believe that there will be thousands of language models - they’re going to be specific to a problem.”

“There will be thousands of language models”

According to OpenText, further adopting AI will enable companies to embrace more frictionless decision-making and unlock greater productivity with automation. The company states that it will be embedding its Aviator platform across all OpenText applications, introducing autonomous workflows and integrating public/private clouds.

“There will be thousands of language models,” Mark says. “Never waste anything.”

In this vein, in order to ensure that business data is safe and protected, OpenText will secure and govern data so that businesses can trust the outcomes of AI-driven decisions. This is paramount during a time of increased AI deepfakes and social anxieties around AI in the lead up to major global general elections across Europe and North America this year.

OpenText stresses the importance of authenticity and creating trust in consumer AI, in addition to avoiding data fraud. With this in mind, Titanium X offers a security cloud with extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities.

OpenText Content Cloud
  • 20,000 incidents, one million objects, full metadata, full vectorisation
  • Using Google’s Vertex AI and Gemini AI

The platform offers autonomous asset discovery, AI threat detection abilities and autonomous decisions designed to create greater business trust and less room for human error.

Looking forward: Enhancing value and achieving AGI

The event also heard from Muhi Majzoub, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for OpenText. He said: “Our portfolio has become more powerful, but also more integrated.

“We [are seeing] an explosion of AI creativity. Titanium X works to enhance the business cloud and our Aviator offering.”

Providing an end-to-end process in this way enables customers to automate test creation and integrate running the service. This, Muhi says, will also highlight the importance of keeping business data private.

“Only you and your team will have access to it,” he says.

Muhi Majzoub speaking at OpenText World Europe 2024 (Image courtesy of OpenText)

Bringing a string of new capabilities to Aviator will inevitably enhance enterprise value. For OpenText, its information management platform seeks to offer true visibility to its partners, whilst also offering real-time asset management abilities.

It is systems like these that aim to develop and harness AI responsibly which, during a time of increased technology regulation discussions in Europe in line with the EU AI Act, could not be more timely. 

“Great AI starts with great information management,” Mark adds. “We’re introducing complete open source observability into the platform.

“AI will make us smarter, more creative and I believe it will help us to live longer.”

Moving towards the future of AI, he remains optimistic about how OpenText will continue to innovate. 

“The end-state is artificial general intelligence (AGI),” he says. “We intend to innovate in transformative areas on the road to AGI.”


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