Gigabit magazine - April issue now available!

By Jonathan Dyble
The April2018 issue of Gigabit magazineis nowlive! Our cover story this month sees us sit down with Daimler Trucks Asia CIO Lutz Beck. The organisation...

The April 2018 issue of Gigabit magazine is now live!

Our cover story this month sees us sit down with Daimler Trucks Asia CIO Lutz Beck. The organisation, he says, “wants to connect everything”. It’s a neat summary of its Connected X strategy that has seen the company embrace a data-led future with IoT at its core.

Meanwhile, we get right to the heart of one of the biggest obstacles to effective digital transformation initiatives: Change management. Deirde Paknad, CEO of Workboard, reveals the scale of the challenge and explains why her solution has gained popularity so quickly.

Moving to AI – a topic never far from any digital transformation story – we spoke to three separate experts to dig in on the latest developments in deep learning and neural networks. From advances that are speeding up AI training times, to revolutions in predictive maintenance and developing impressive applications for machine learning in mapping, there’s a lot to learn here.

Finally, we have a bumper stack of exclusive insights into real transformation journeys underway across a spectrum of organisations around the world. From financial services to hospitals, or from advertising to retirement homes – there’s a lot to learn here, too.

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