Flexential: Momentum Report Highlights Hybrid IT Innovation

Momentum Report unveils Flexential's strategic initiatives, innovative solutions and commitment to shaping the future of data centers and cloud services

In today's world, staying ahead requires more than just keeping up – it demands visionary thinking and transformative solutions. Flexential, a leading provider of hybrid IT infrastructure solutions, has unveiled its 2023 Momentum Report, showcasing the company's strategic initiatives and innovative approach to shaping the future of data centres and cloud services.

At the heart of Flexential's vision is its FlexAnywhere Platform, a suite of customised IT solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Offering integrated colocation, interconnection, cloud services, data protection, and professional services, the FlexAnywhere Platform empowers enterprises on their hybrid IT journey. Backed by a robust national footprint comprising 41 data centres across 19 markets, and a scalable 100 Gbps national network backbone, Flexential delivers the reliability, agility and performance that modern businesses demand.

“Flexential's 2023 Momentum Report unveils how we're shaping what comes next in technology,” says Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer at Flexential. “Our efforts capture the essence of innovation; we're architecting the solutions that anticipate the needs of the future.”

Flexential: Empowering the Hybrid IT Journey

Speaking at Data Centre LIVE Virtual 2023, Jason led a fireside session, Empowering the Hybrid IT Journey, to show how organisations can harness the power of hybrid IT to achieve greater agility, flexibility and efficiency, and learn about the critical role that data centres play in enabling this transformation. 

“Technology is advancing in complexity, on a minute by minute basis,” he said. “Workloads are becoming more and more distributed as we pay more attention to resiliency, but also latency and what that networking experience is like. And user expectations are higher than ever - you can't go down all the time. And the role of the IT leader has really expanded to not just being sort of behind the scenes but in the forefront in this first economy.”

Monumental Report: Strategic expansion, operational excellence and cultural transformation

The Momentum Report highlights Flexential's strategic expansion and enhanced data center capabilities, designed to meet the growing demands of AI and cloud computing. With a focus on scalability and cutting-edge solutions, Flexential is poised to address the challenges of tomorrow.

2023 was a year of outstanding achievements for Flexential, marked by record-breaking financial performance and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. The Momentum Report delves into the company's cutting-edge sustainability practices, showcasing its dedication to reducing its environmental footprint while maintaining operational excellence.

Flexential's success is driven by its people, and the Momentum Report shines a light on the company's internal dedication to fostering a culture of inclusivity and engagement. By empowering its team to drive progress, Flexential cultivates an environment where innovation thrives.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, Flexential is gearing up to tackle future challenges head-on. The Momentum Report also highlights the company's plans for advanced AI integration and next-generation technology solutions, positioning Flexential as a leader in the data center and cloud services industry.

“At Flexential, we're not just adapting to the future; we're defining it,” Jason says. “The explosive growth of AI and the shift towards multi-cloud and edge computing are reshaping our industry. We're committed to pioneering solutions that not only meet today's challenges but also unlock tomorrow's opportunities. This is more than an evolution – it's a revolution in data centre and cloud services, driven by the Flexential vision for a smarter, more connected world.”


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