GAINS: Navigating supply chain volatility with ACR

Jeff Metersky, GAINS’ VP of Solution Strategy, explores how better supply chain decisions are moving AmerCareRoyal forward

As a leader in supply chain design and planning, GAINS is focused on putting the customers first and moving them forward faster. To do so, the company leads the way in helping companies make better, more informed decisions, especially around right-sizing inventory.

Jeff Metersky, the VP of Solution Strategy at GAINS, guides and directs the overall strategy of the GAINS supply chain solution – driving what the company’s innovations and advancements will bring to the market to serve existing and future customers. 

Supply chain volatility shifts priorities

With decades of experience providing supply chain design solutions and services, Metersky expresses that traditional supply chain design and planning strategies no longer fit volatile business environments. They lack the flexibility to plan for disruptions, continuously optimise inventory, and align with corporate goals. Essentially, one of the main focal points has changed. 

“Cost reduction was the number one priority for years,” Metersky says. “When predictability and stability governed internal and external environments, a cost-based focus served us well. 

“Over time, we've found that our supply chains have become more fragile and exposed due to increased variability in external markets and the rise in global disruptions. Businesses can no longer rely on the same techniques because our environment has changed – the focus can no longer be on cost alone. 

Today’s decisions balance the trade-off between cost and service to mitigate risk and drive performance. Companies need to use automation and scenario management to understand where their supply chain is fragile and where there are bottlenecks. Responsive monitoring will only fix known problems. They must use technology to scale and create playbooks for unanticipated supply chain issues. So, when an unexpected situation occurs, their planners can respond quickly as the actions have been pre-established. This approach is the future for supply chain decisions making, and GAINS is investing to make it a reality for companies of all sizes.

“Using GAINS’ solutions, companies can navigate uncertainty in their supply chains, enabling much greater adoption of designs instead of making them academic exercises. Designs will become more pragmatic so that companies will fully understand the impact and increasingly the likelihood of adoption.”

Partnering with AmerCareRoyal to enhance supply chain decision making 

GAINS has been on a multi-year journey with AmerCareRoyal (ACR) to automate and transform its operations using supply chain solutions. Consequently, ACR has grown rapidly – doubling in size – as they continue to acquire new businesses. 

“Due to their partnership with GAINS, ACR has achieved rapid results, optimised inventory across the network, managed volatility, and become more resilient by being open to continuous improvement and looking for new ways to improve performance,” Metersky said. “This strategy is achieving their desired outcomes and provides a scalable foundation on which they are embracing volatility and serving their customers well.”

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