Google Gemini Pro helping devs and organisations build AI

Google is making Gemini Pro available to developers and organisations, as well as a range of other AI tools, models and infrastructure
Google is making Gemini Pro available to developers and organisations, as well as a range of other AI tools, models and infrastructure
Google says its Gemini Pro model, available now to developers and organisations, outperforms other similarly-sized models on research benchmarks

Google has announced it is making its Gemini Pro AI model available to developers and organisations, enabling developers to build AI applications.

Announced earlier in December 2023, Google said its Gemini AI model is built from the ground up for multimodality — reasoning seamlessly across text, images, video, audio, and code. Coming in three sizes – Ultra, Pro and Nano – Google has started rolling out Gemini in its products, with the Gemini Nano model in its Pixel 8 Pro smartphone and a specifically tuned version of Gemini Pro in its Bard chatbot.

Now accessible via the Gemini API, Google says Gemini Pro outperforms other similarly-sized models on research benchmarks. The model is free to use for up to 60 queries per minute, and comes with a range of features: function calling, embeddings, semantic retrieval and custom knowledge grounding, and chat functionality.

Developers looking to try out Gemini Pro can use the API via AI Studio, a free web-based developer tool. When they’re ready for a fully-managed AI platform, Google says developers can easily transition their AI Studio code to Vertex AI for additional customisation and wider Google Cloud features for enterprise security, safety, privacy and data governance and compliance.

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“We are introducing a number of important new capabilities across our AI stack in support of Gemini, our most capable and general model yet,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “It was built from the ground up to be multimodal, which means it can generalize and seamlessly understand, operate across, and combine different types of information, including text, code, audio, image, and video, in the same way humans see, hear, read, listen, and talk about many different types of information simultaneously.”

Imagen 2 on Vertex AI is now generally available

Google has also announced it has updated Vertex AI with Imagen 2, its most advanced text-to-image diffusion technology from Google DeepMind to date. The company says Imagen 2 delivers significantly improved image quality and a host of features, including the ability to generate a wide variety of creative and realistic logos — including emblems, lettermarks and abstract logos — for business, brands and products, and can deliver improved results in areas where text-to-image tools often struggle, including rendering text in multiple languages.

Imagen 2 on Vertex AI boasts a variety of image generation features to help organizations create images that match their specific brand requirements with the same enterprise-grade reliability and governance customers are used to with Imagen.

Snap is using Imagen to help Snapchat+ subscribers to express their inner creativity. With the new AI Camera Mode, users can tap a button, type in a prompt or choose a pre-selected one, and generate a scene to share with family and friends or post to their story.

“Imagen is the most scalable text-to-image model with the safety and image quality we need,” said Josh Siegel, Senior Director of Product at Snap. “One of the major benefits of Imagen for Snap is that we can focus on what we do best, which is the product design and the way that it looks and makes you feel. We know that when we work on new products like AI Camera Mode, we can really rely on the brand safety, scalability, and reliability that comes with Google Cloud.”

Shutterstock has also emerged as a leading innovator bringing AI to creative production — including being the first to launch an ethically-sourced AI image generator, now enhanced with Imagen on Vertex AI. With the Shutterstock AI image generator, users can turn simple text prompts into unique, striking visuals, allowing them to create at the speed of their imaginations. The Shutterstock website includes a searchable collection of more than 16,000 Imagen pictures, all available for licensing.

“We exist to empower the world to tell their stories by bridging the gap between idea and execution. Variety is critical for the creative process, which is why we continue to integrate the latest and greatest technology into our image generator and editing features—as long as it is built on responsibly sourced data,” said Chris Loy, Director of AI Services, Shutterstock. “The Imagen model on Vertex AI is an important addition to our AI image generator, and we're excited to see how it enables greater creative capabilities for our users as the model continues to evolve.”


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