Cloud & 5G LIVE announced for October 2023

Cloud & 5G LIVE Virtual will span two days in October bringing you engaging keynote speeches, panel discussions and live Q&A sessions with industry experts

Cloud & 5G LIVE makes a virtual comeback this October, bringing a variety of industry leaders to the stage for a selection knowledge sharing, learning and networking sessions.

The exclusive free event for telco, cloud and 5G leaders - hosted by Mobile Magazine - will take place on 11 and 12 October. There, industry leaders will take to the virtual stage to share their insights in exclusive keynote speeches and dynamic fireside discussions.

The first iteration of Cloud & 5G LIVE debuted in person at last year's Tech LIVE.

Cloud & 5G LIVE 2022 - round up

Live from Tobacco Dock in London, at the Cloud & 5G LIVE stage we brought you two days of interactive sessions with leading industry names.

Day one saw us delve into roaming robotics5G connected forests, great advice on how to optimise and monetise 5G through software-as-a-service and how partnerships are crucial to protecting and building new network infrastructures. The following day, the focus shifted to commercial opportunities and the benefits to society that 5G can bring as it rolls out across sectors such as healthcare and automotive.

Esteemed speakers facilitating and joining the conversation included Edwige Robinson, SVP, Central Region, Network Engineering, Operations & Transformation at T-MobileBelinda Finch, CIO at Three and Group CCO at BAI Communications (now Boldyn Networks) Andrew McGrath.

You can catch up on all the talks from the Cloud & 5G Stage at Tech LIVE London 2022 here.

Cloud & 5G LIVE 2023 - what you need to know ahead of the virtual event

The virtual event will bring together industry professionals from around the world, giving you the opportunity to engage in live Q&A sessions, virtual networking, and inspiring keynote presentations.  

Day one will cover the vast and ever-evolving subject of 5G, followed by cloud and sustainability across day two.

As the event draws closer, Mobile Magazine will announce the 30+ internationally-acclaimed speakers billed across engaging and inspiring sessions, including six fully-interactive panels.

With this instalment being a fully virtual affair, Cloud & 5G LIVE will be streamed directly to you via the virtual events platform Brella - giving you complete access to all conference stages, attendee lists, sponsor booths and themed networking rooms. 

Cloud & 5G LIVE - event themes

The five key pillars of Cloud & 5G LIVE will guide attendees through the bumper two-day event, unifying the conference’s objectives and providing a joint focus for speakers and attendees alike.

The Future of Cloud Computing

With cloud computing revolutionising the way we store, manage, and access data, sessions on the future of these services will highlight how transformative technology enables users to store information remotely, access applications on-demand, and scale computing resources as needed - and how we can expect that to evolve. Its remote, advanced, efficient and flexible nature is shaping the future of technology and transforming the way we work, collaborate, and innovate.

The Future of 5G

At Cloud & 5G LIVE, our Future of 5G segments will offer an in-depth exploration of the revolutionary technology. We provide expert insights on the potential of 5G, its impact on various industries, and the future possibilities it unlocks. Bringing the biggest 5G players to the conversation in a space tailored to educate and inspire audiences about the benefits and opportunities that 5G brings. Audience members can expect in-depth discussions on the technical aspects of 5G, use cases and real-world examples to see 5G in action, and display its future capabilities.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud & Infrastructure services refer to the technological resources and infrastructure needed to support the storage, processing, deployment, and management of data and applications in the cloud. 

These services provide businesses with scalable and cost-effective solutions, allowing them to access and manage their resources remotely. By utilising the cloud and infrastructure services, organisations can increase flexibility, enhance security, improve efficiency, and enable seamless collaboration.

Network Transformation

5G Network Transformation sessions will guide organisations through the process of transitioning from traditional networks to 5G networks, learning from real-life examples and showcasing what can be done - the possibilities are endless.

With the likes of network architecture, deployment strategies, use cases, and integration of technologies like virtualisation and edge computing covered in these sessions, attendees can gain a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of 5G network transformation, enabling them to plan and implement their own successful transitions.

Women in Cloud & 5G​​​​​​​

By promoting diversity and inclusion, Women in Cloud & 5G fosters a supportive community that encourages women to thrive, innovate, and excel in these rapidly growing - and traditionally male-dominated - sectors. The platform will highlight and support women's contributions and leadership in the cloud computing and 5G industries, and provide a launchpad to introduce more into the sector. It aims to bridge the gender gap by providing networking opportunities, mentorship, and resources for female professionals. 

Join global business leaders and experts at Cloud & 5G LIVE VIRTUAL on 11 and 12 October 2023. Register to attend today! Click here to learn more.​​​​​​​


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