Rohde & Schwarz clears the picture for client broadcasters

Erik Balladares, Vice President, Broadcast & Media Division at Rohde & Schwarz, says broadcast clients can have the best of both worlds with Cloud services

Erik Balladares is Vice President, Broadcast & Media Division at Rohde & Schwarz, and manages the company’s media business across the globe and its broadcast and media business for North America. He explains the company’s broadcast services build on the success of its previous work in data handling for the enterprise, and a new range of cloud-based options and off-the-shelf hardware have introduced even more flexibility for corporate clients. 

“If you look at our storage solutions you’ll find they provide zero downtime and can support any workflows,” says Balladares. “They're out there today - but in addition to that, we have cloud connect capabilities within our storage systems. And then, on top of that, we have the tools to manage the content of not only what lives on the storage systems, but also the hardware and the internal software that operate these storage systems as well.”

Every project is assessed so that Rohde & Schwarz can fully understand the customer’s goals and the best way to meet these with the right combination of technology and services. “It makes sense to have on-premises hardware in some case,” says Balladares. “Typically, when we have high-performance environments with uncompressed workflows - at 4k or even sometimes 8k resolution - it can be quite difficult to move that content back and forth to the cloud, especially if they want a quick turnaround. So in those cases, an on-prem solution really makes sense. But in other scenarios where we're dealing with compressed workflows, then it really makes sense to deploy into the cloud where possible. So we work very closely with our customers during the initial process and project discussions and really determine what makes sense for their project.”


Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the Rohde & Schwarz technology group is a global trailblazer when it comes to paving the way for a safer and connected world with its leading solutions. Founded in 1933, the group develops, produces and markets a wide range of electronic capital goods. The company makes an important contribution to a safer and more connected world, and customers around the globe rely on Rohde & Schwarz and its cutting-edge solutions in the test and measurement, secure communications, networks and cybersecurity markets.

In the broadcast and media market, the company has been a leading technology innovator for more than 80 years and provides technology for live studio production, premium post-production, playout delivery and distribution. The company develops virtualizable, software and hardware solutions for live ingest, transcoding, graphics and branding, master control playout, automation, multiviewing, monitoring, intelligent storage as well as solid-state satellite amplifiers and terrestrial transmission for radio, linear television, OTT and VOD.

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