Building Cyber Resilience into ‘OT in Manufacturing’ webinar

Join Acronis' webinar, Building Cyber Resilience into ‘OT in Manufacturing’, 21st September 2023

Technology and Digital Transformation in manufacturing environments is evolving at an unprecedented speed, bringing new challenges in maintaining factory floor uptime. That goal is critical to profitability, and requires the vigilant protection of critical infrastructure (CI), including operational technology (OT) and industrial controls systems (ICS).  

Technology leaders in manufacturing must take the threat of cyberattacks on OT and ICS seriously, as well as other potential sources of downtime. OT and ICS engineers understand the critical importance of preventing production line outages, as continuous uptime is essential to profitability, satisfied customers, and a smoothly flowing supply chain. Maintaining that uptime requires addressing a stubborn weak link: the computers that control OT/ ICS, which are vulnerable to a variety of threats including cyberattacks, hardware component failures, software glitches, and human errors.

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Join us on 21st September in conjunction with Manufacturing Magazine for this exclusive manufacturing IT event, “Building Cyber Resilience into OT in Manufacturing”. Attendees will learn from a panel of experts in cybersecurity, business continuity, and manufacturing OT as they interactively examine:​​​​​​​

  • Cyber ​​Threats & Vulnerabilities that afflict OT/ICS computers
  • Technology, Process and People-Oriented approaches to addressing OT computer downtime
  • Case studies of Manufacturers who have successfully addressed these challenges to minimize OT computer outputs to a matter of minutes.


James Slaby , Director of Cyber ​​Protection, Acronis

James R. Slaby is the Director of Cyber ​​Protection at Acronis. Previously, Slaby was an industry analyst covering cybersecurity, cloud computing and networking at Forrester Research, HFS Research, Yankee Group and The Info Pro. He has also held solutions, vertical, product and campaign marketing roles at tech security and networking vendors including Sonus, Acme Packet, Bay Networks and Motorola.


    Ryan Davis , Senior Director, Enterprise Sales, Acronis

    Ryan brings over a decade of storage and data management experience to Acronis leading a commercial enterprise sales organization. Acronis' enterprise sales team is focused on helping organizations improve their business continuity plans and reduce cyber exposure in historically difficult computing areas such as the edge, endpoints, industrial automation, and R&D labs. Ryan began his sales career selling knives door to door and holds a BS in Sales & Business Marketing from Western Michigan University.


      JD Perham , Solutions Architect, Acronis

      With 5+ years of experience as a sales engineer with Acronis, John currently works with some of the company's largest enterprise customers, helping them develop, deploy, and maintain software to ensure system uptime and business continuity. John's experience also includes working with smaller to medium businesses so he understands the complexity of needs that can range from various customer deployments.


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