Capgemini launches 'Capgemini Invent', a new business line for digital transformation

By Ben Mouncer
Capgemini has responded to the popularity of its digital services by launching a new business line, 'Capgemini Invent'. The French multinational is set...

Capgemini has responded to the popularity of its digital services by launching a new business line, 'Capgemini Invent'. 

The French multinational is set to combine its market-leading expertise in digital strategy and technology, along with the multi-disciplinary strengths of Capgemini Consulting, to help its clients futureproof their organisations.

Capgemini Invent already employs over 6,000 workers in 30 offices and 10 creative studios around the world, and has begun work to develop solutions that will catalyse its customers' digital transformations.

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"We have built Capgemini Invent to meet increasing client demand for our advanced digital services," said Paul Hermelin, Chairman and CEO, Capgemini Group.

"This integrated global business line combines perfectly our specialist capabilities and expertise that are needed to design, create and trial new digital solutions and business models of the future, all supported by the recognised strengths of the Group to implement them at speed and scale."

The new global business line comprises six integrated practices: Innovation and Stategy, Customer Engagement, Future of Technology, Insight Driven Enterprise, Operations Transformation and People & Organisation.

"For businesses today, determining what’s next is a question that’s getting harder to answer and even harder to realise. Leading companies must be open to invention – a radical rethinking and redesign of their core business models – in order to find new sources of value and ensure survival," added Cyril Garcia, CEO Capgemini Invent. "Capgemini Invent offers a new model for digital transformation delivery, bringing key sector expertise together with a broad cross-section of disciplines, from strategy and technology to data science and creative design."


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