How the quarantine economy ignites digital transformation

By ComCo Asia
While the world is trying to pull through, there is one factor that businesses have to leverage during and after this pandemic – digital transformatio...

The novel coronavirus has clearly affected businesses of all sizes across the world. It challenged enterprises to modify their operations and survive from the possible risks of the quarantine. And while the world is trying to pull through, there is one factor that businesses have to leverage during and after this pandemic is over – digital transformation. 

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology in the business, fundamentally changing how you deliver value to the customers and meet the changing market requirements.  

Eastern Communications, a Philippine-based telco and ICT (information and communication technology) solutions provider, believes that harnessing digital transformation is a strategic approach for businesses during this time.

“Digital transformation is already upon us, way before COVID-19 and the quarantine economy happened. However, it was not recognised as crucial for the business operations than it is now,” shared Eastern Communications Sales Division Head Michael Castañeda. 

The outbreak has changed our way of living and businesses might now have to take a second look at transforming their workplace or it will fail in the long run. 

Understanding the new normal

Most people are currently staying at home, relying on their gadgets and devices to get the information or things they want. Some businesses are forced to go digital, and usual activities like ordering food, paying bills, watching movies, and shopping for essentials are now preferably done remotely. 

According to Castañeda, the current situation serves as a heads up for many businesses to recalibrate their processes not only during this time but even after the quarantine. People will soon change the way they do things and companies will have to adapt to the ‘new normal’.  

“Companies that instigate digital transformation are experiencing a competitive advantage in their respective industries. It allows companies to adjust to the situation better versus a company that has not gone through their digital transformation journey. A company which is digitally prepared has systems and processes in place to help them react and adapt better,” he stressed. 

While working from home will be seen as the new normal in the workplace, companies should also look deeper into investing in cloud technologies more than ever. Cloud is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage, over the internet, which allows increased work efficiency and collaboration within the organisation. This can prevent organisations from halting operations even in challenging situations such as COVID-19 pandemic. 

For years, Eastern Communications has been supporting businesses to harness the potential of digital innovation. This includes encouraging cloud first strategy. Eastern Cloud, for example, is one of the company’s ICT solutions that aims to foster work efficiency and agility no matter the circumstances. 

Involving the organisation

Digital transformation is a combination of technological and organisational change. 

Although digitising processes is a major indicator, organisational change management plays a big part in the success of business innovation.   

“Digital transformation is not just about the integration of the technology to the business operation or methods, but also about how the organisation adapts and reacts to the changes it may have caused,” said Castañeda. 

More than gaining profit through automation, companies should consider a more skills-based model in which technology is judged according to its ability to augment the capabilities of workers. 

The COVID-19 outbreak is expected to last for a long period of time, and it will change our everyday routine to a great extent. Leveraging digital transformation will help businesses improve their competency and achieve their goals even when the pandemic subsides. 

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