Syngenta: Crops, Seeds and Cybersecurity

Three of Syngenta's key leaders talk about the road to cyber maturity in the cloud

As you go on investing in infrastructure, you may fall behind in terms of keeping the network up, or in having the latest and greatest cybersecurity measures. If you don't invest in cloud space, you are not able to keep up with where technology is headed, keep your costs down and your applications modernised. This summary from Vanja Vlaski shows how seriously Syngenta takes these issues. Like many large enterprises, it was not long ago that security was the realm of a few specialists scattered across the business, called on to assess threats as they arose, but very far from being connected within a centrally-based and professional security organisation. 

All of this has changed in two major transformations: the migration of on-premise applications to the cloud and the establishment of a fully funded and competent cybersecurity operation under a CISO.

As Paul Carugati says, in our ever-changing technological landscape, threats are “dynamic”. 

“It's an almost continuous game of cat and mouse to stay on top of those technical issues from a threat management perspective, but ideally, with our strategic outlook and the protection and defensive measures that we put in place, we can manage those responsibly.”

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